Dean Miller – ‘Til You Stop Getting [Up]

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Dean Miller – ‘Til You Stop Getting [Up]

Posted on February 13, 2014 by ChuckDauphin

by Chuck Dauphin

I’ve got to tell you that listening to Dean Miller’s new CD makes me a little sad. That’s not a reflection upon Dean and his music. Far from it. But, given the current landscape in commercial Country Music, I just seriously doubt that his music will find much exposure. And, that’s a damn shame, literally. Because, this might very well be one of the finest albums a male vocalist has cut in this town in quite some time.

Kicking off with the fiery “Begging For A Bullet,” this is thinking man’s Country, as the lyrics are very witty and well worded, but the tempo and swagger would be right at home alongside the latest from Aldean or Church. “An Angel Believes In Me” is about as fine of a modern day love song as yoii will find, and his voice lends itself well to the dreamy lyrics of the song. Another great ballad performance comes on “River Across My Heart.” where you can hear his anguish, pain, and regret on every line. The title cut offers some poetic words to live by, as we all have been at the point of almost giving up because of someone else.

Then, there are the arrangements. Simply said, tracks like “Stay,” “My Heart Is In Your Hands,” and “San Francisco” are very sophisticated and sound like few songs you will hear on mainstream radio. And, that’s not a knock. You need the truck songs, the moonlight and taillights songs about seducing Betty Lou or Bobbie Sue. I just wish it was more like 1985-1990, when you had Randy Travis, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, TG Sheppard, and Alabama all high on the charts with some very diverse work alongside cutting edge artists like Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, and Kathy Mattea. To quote Lambert, it does take “All Kinds Of Kinds.” Country fans should not miss out on this album or a stunningly perfect song like “I’m A Leaver,” which is brilliance at its’ best. I doubt Miller crafted any of these songs with an aim of radio airplay, but in a dream world, he would be right there! Seek this out. You’ll be the better for it!

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