M-Song Audio Track Released on iTunes

New audio track and video from Dean Miller! WARNING: This song has explicit lyrics. Although a fairly innocent, dirty joke, if you’re easily offended by profanity, this may not be for you. The song is available at iTunes under M Song. Get It on iTUNES! M-SONG VIDEO

Nashville Street Interviews with Dean Miller

Check out our “man on the street” as he interviews random folks about their favorite country music (and getting them to expand their list)!  🙂 [ CLICK HERE ] for a direct link or you can also find it on the Videos page

Dean Miller’s remarkable new video starring Kris Kristofferson

February 28, 2014 It’s one of those great coincidences, Dean Miller’s video for his new CD titletrack ‘Til You Stop Getting Up. The song centers on a bar stool conversation between an ex-Golden Gloves champion and a forlorn looking younger man in which the champ, played in the video by Kris Kristofferson,[…]

A note from Kris about Dean’s new video…

“I was honored when Dean asked me to be in his video, but was stunned when I heard the song. It was a lesson I’d learned in the ring, when I was disabled by a hook to the liver and took a beating for three rounds. After the fight a[…]

Dean Miller Drafts Kris Kristofferson for New Video

Dean Miller‘s video for his latest single, ‘Til You Stop Getting Up,’ features one of country music’s biggest stars. Kris Kristofferson not only appears alongside Miller in the video, but surprisingly, was also part of Miller’s inspiration in writing the tune. “When I wrote and recorded the song ‘Til You Stop Getting[…]