I wanted to let you know, I’ve written a book about dogs. It’s finally available on Please share the link with anybody and everybody! I hope you’re doing well.  – Dean

M-Song Audio Track Released on iTunes

New audio track and video from Dean Miller! WARNING: This song has explicit lyrics. Although a fairly innocent, dirty joke, if you’re easily offended by profanity, this may not be for you. The song is available at iTunes under M Song. Get It on iTUNES! M-SONG VIDEO

Nashville Street Interviews with Dean Miller

Check out our “man on the street” as he interviews random folks about their favorite country music (and getting them to expand their list)!  🙂 [ CLICK HERE ] for a direct link or you can also find it on the Videos page

Dean’s Artist Page on

It has been seven years since Dean Miller released an album of new music. It’s not that it took all this time to write and record. It did, however, take that long to find his way back to the simple, true motivations that brought him to make music in the[…]