I wanted to let you know, I’ve written a book about dogs. It’s finally available on Please share the link with anybody and everybody! I hope you’re doing well.  – Dean

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Dean Miller ‘Til You Stop Getting Up Thu, 03/27/2014 – 10:30 Submitted by Don Graham Country singer Dean Miller has the lineage and the talent, now he just needs a chance for the rest of the world to be exposed to his music. And his new CD with it’s lead[…]

Dean Miller’s remarkable new video starring Kris Kristofferson

February 28, 2014 It’s one of those great coincidences, Dean Miller’s video for his new CD titletrack ‘Til You Stop Getting Up. The song centers on a bar stool conversation between an ex-Golden Gloves champion and a forlorn looking younger man in which the champ, played in the video by Kris Kristofferson,[…]

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(Excerpt).. Dean Miller released his video for the title track on his ‘Til You Stop Getting Upalbum, and the video clip for the song co-stars the recent lifetime achievement Grammy Award winner and Country Music Hall of Famer, Kris Kristofferson. “When I wrote and recorded the song ‘Til You Stop Getting Up, I was[…]

Dean Miller – ‘Til You Stop Getting [Up]

Posted on February 13, 2014 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin I’ve got to tell you that listening to Dean Miller’s new CD makes me a little sad. That’s not a reflection upon Dean and his music. Far from it. But, given the current landscape in commercial Country Music, I just seriously doubt that[…]

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DEAN MILLER/’Till You Stop Getting Up Writers: Dean Miller/Sean Patrick McGraw; Producers: Dean Miller/Brian Eckert; Publisher: none listed; Off The Verge Dean is back with a set of 10 new originals. Its title tune is the tale of a boxer who becomes a metaphor for life’s lessons. “You ain’t a loser/Until you[…]

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Dean Miller Releasing New Album in December By Hannahlee Allers December 9, 2013 5:00 PM   Country singer Dean Miller hasn’t had an easy time breaking into Nashville’s scene, but with the release of his new album, ”Til You Stop Getting Up,’ he’s picking himself up by his bootstraps and getting back in the[…]